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    Welcome to my new website. I am a storm enthusiast and self taught meteorologist with years of storm observation experience. I became fascinated with severe weather when I was 5 back in 1994 after we had a tornado outbreak that year as well as the year before in 1993 that caused a lot of damage in rural communities and a town not far from my area. As a kid, this was fascinating to me. Two years before I was born, a deadly tornado tore through my hometown in 1987 killing 27 and injuring hundreds more. So one could say I have been obsessed since day one.

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    Weather 101

    Have you ever wondered how storms form?, what the criteria is for a thunderstorm to be classified as severe?, why do some storms produce torrential downpours, large hail, damaging winds, intense frequent lightning, and sometimes form violent tornadoes while another just produces a gentle rain with some lightning and thunder? If you have these questions and more, please check out this section! There will be articles with diagrams explaining in a glossary format, what scenarios, atmospheric conditions, and other ingredients must be in place to form a certain weather event.

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    Would you like to know whether or not you will be at risk of severe weather on a particular day or even today/tonight?, When and where tornadoes are likely to develop? Then check this section out. I have convective outlook maps, tornado probability, hail probability, and wind probability maps. I am even developing a special tornado weather threat level index for cities in Canada and the United States! It will use Tornado Probability, Convective Outlook, Wind Shear, Temperature, Dew Point, CAPE, and the Lifted Index to determine the tornado weather threat level index.

  • Forecasts Comming Soon!

    Image Temporarily UnavailableI am currently developing forecasting products for my forecasting section on the site. I am hoping to have this section going in full by the start of Tornado Season! Please keep a lookout for the next 3 months as I improve and add more items to the section as well as the site. NOTE: These forecast products are experimental in nature. Please still reference NOAA, NWS, or the NSSL for standardized forecast products. (Be advised that the NSSL is cuirrently non operational as there is a US Government Shutdown). In Canada please reference Environment Canada's Weatheroffice site, or The Weather Network site for standard forecast products. I am not liable for misuse of my forecast products as life saving tools, they are for guiding and informational purposes only! Use them at your own risk!

    Posted: 01-22-18 24:13MDT
  • Welcome to My New Site!

    Hello! This is my new site! I have been working on this site and template since before Christmas of 2017. I have worked hard to make this site as responsive as possible. I wanted to make my own template from scratch instead of using a premade template so I could have my own mark on this site. Please be patient as I am adding more to this site as my free time permits. You will notice more links and more interactivity as this site progresses. It is finished as is in the look and feel, but there will be more pages, links, and interactive widgets that I am developing as we get closer to tornado season 2018! Please enjoy and bare with me as I add more stuff!

    Posted: 01-21-18 22:30MDT